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Ministry of Gossip Founded on Dalmatian Island

CroatiaGossiping might be a favourite pastime in the Dalmatian region of Croatia, but one group of men on the island of Hvar have decided to take it to a completely new level…

The group of men, from Stari Grad on the island, have founded a Ministry of Other’s Business.

“We worry about business which is not our own. Who was where and what were they doing, who was drunk, who earns what, who has caught fish, planted olives, picked grapes and who is sleeping with who.” Minister Damir Čavić told daily 24sata.

The first class gossipers meet everyday in a bistro on the island, and have just erected a sign, in the style of a Croatian government sign, showing that the bistro is also the premise of the Ministry of Other’s Business. The Ministry meets everyday and members say that the topics vary at the meetings depending on whether or not coffee or wine is being drunk.

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