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Minister Under the Pump for Government Plane Use

Croatia40Foreign Affairs Minister Vesna Pusić is coming under the media pump in Croatia after it was revealed she had requested that the official government aircraft fetch her after a meeting in Turkey last month…

With austerity measures increasingly being implemented in Croatia, there was a public outcry when it was reported that Pusić demanded that the Government’s Challenger CL-604 collect her in Ankara, Turkey, and transport her back to Croatia. Pusić flew into Ankara on 19 December on a regular commercial flight because the government plane was being used elsewhere, but instead of returning back to Croatia the same way she requested that the Challenger CL-604 pick her up – at a cost to the taxpayer of over 15,000 euros.

Vesna Pusić

Vesna Pusić

When quizzed on Friday by reporters, Pusić said that it was both more economical and efficient to travel home on the government plane than staying an extra night in Ankara to wait for a commercial flight back.

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