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Minister says Croatia considering increasing testing, providing it for tourists

Health Minister Vili Beros (Photo: HINA/ Daniel KASAP)

ZAGREB, Aug 18 (Hina) Health Minister Vili Beros said on Tuesday that increasing testing (for the coronavirus) was being considered, as well as providing it for tourists.

We are constantly thinking about how to increase testing, and we are also thinking about how to help tourists, that is, about enabling them to get tested, Beros told the N1 television channel in the Health Ministry after a meeting with epidemiologists, doctors, nurses, and hospital directors.

He underscored that new and more reliable tests were on the way and that an increasing number of employers wanted their workers to be tested before returning to work.

As for testing health care workers upon their return from holiday to prevent the virus from entering the health system, Beros said that at the moment there was no clear stand on the matter.

Every health care worker returning from holiday, he underscored, will go through a questionnaire and analysis with his or her immediate supervisor and see if there are any suspicious elements.

Concerning the possibility of hospital visits, Minister Beros said that different hospitals had different conditions and that a framework was needed but that it was not possible to give optimal guidelines for each individual health care facility.

Beros added that they were also working on educating young doctors who were in the phase of so-called “supervised work” and that they could help epidemiologists.

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