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Meet The Croat All The Germans Are Talking About

Mirko Trutin, at just 20 years of age, has already widely captivated German media attention with his political initiatives.

Trutin, who was born in Frankfurt to Croatian parents from the Imotski area, has become the main attraction these past few days in German media, after launching an initiative to reduce politicians salaries in the German city of Frankfurt.

Popular German newspaper Bild ran a story about the young Croat, a large photo of Mirko holding a 100 euro note in his hand was accompanied with the message, “Only such savings can contribute to the betterment, and politicians with their examples are at the forefront for solidarity.”

“I am glad that this initiative has been welcomed so well by the public. When you have politicians telling people that they need to save money, I think then that it is most effective for them to lead by example. I think their colleagues in Croatia could do the same,” Mirko told newspaper Slobodna Dalmacija. Trutin has been actively involved in politics for a number of years with the German democratic CDU party.

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