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Meet the Canadian-Croatian crushing it on TikTok

Meet the Canadian-Croatian crushing it on TikTok

Katarina Moguš (Photo: Private album/supplied)

By Ana Bacic

TikTok is the fastest growing social media network, dominated by Generation Z, and has become increasingly popular among millennials as well. 

The video-sharing social networking platform has become a springboard for the launch of a digital marketing agency for 23-year-old Canadian of Croatian origin Katarina Moguš.

Kata, as her friends call her, has managed to build her presence on TikTok in a very short time and turn it into a business. She has chalked up a large number of views on TikTok, and Reels, Instagram’s version of TikTok, began to take her content, which caused her number of followers on Instagram to grow rapidly. 

Her record is 33.3 million video views and more than a million and a half followers on TikTok. Her platform has been promoted on CNBC, Glamor, Yahoo News, and on morning programs on Canadian TV channels.

Quick breakthrough

Kata is disciplined and hardworking and does not fit into the perhaps established notion that influencers are over the top and “fake”. She completed her studies in sports management and digital marketing at Brock University in Canada with the highest grades in her class. Her favorite subjects were negotiating and public speaking, which helped her get rid of the inhibition around public appearances and the fear of cameras. While still a student, Kata began working for Maple Leafs Sports Entertainment (MLSE), Canada’s largest sports event company.

“I worked for MLSE, where our clients were VIP athletes, Toronto Raptors basketball players and top Canadian hockey players. Due to the pandemic, the entire sports industry has slowed down its activities. Immediately after the lockdown happened, I focused my time on creating content for my platforms, Instagram and TikTok. Within seven days, I opened EN FLIQUE CREATIVE, created a website and signed a contract with the first high-profile client,” explains Kata of her rapid breakthrough in the world of influencers.

“I started shooting a series of TikTok videos with the goal of helping small businesses and private businesses in these uncertain times when most sales and marketing went online.”

Meet the Canadian-Croatian crushing it on TikTok

(Photo: Private album/supplied)

In short video messages on TikTok, Kata offers her followers ideas on the best photo processing applications and teaches them how to create visual content that is crucial to success on Instagram.

The North American market, the Far East, and Russia are without a doubt largely populated countries and very important for this application, given that “TikTokers” gather millions of users there. Kata spent one year of her studies in Australia and rejoiced when she gained a large number of followers and several important clients in the Australian market.

Born in Canada, Kata is a second-generation Croatian. Her parents are from the Karlovac area, and her family speaks Croatian every day.

“I am proud of my Croatian origins. I never changed my name to the English version Kate or Caty. Everyone calls me Kata. I grew up playing football at the Croatian club in Mississauga and it shaped me and greatly influenced my commitment to sports and my decision to study sports marketing. I also danced in the Croatian folklore society for years. My family is connected to the Croatian church in Mississauga, my closest childhood friends are mostly Croats. I visited my beautiful homeland many times and spent my summer vacation there. My ambition is to combine sports and tourism promotion of Croatia, which our athletes are already trying to do on their social platforms. We influencers can also help the world see that Croatia is a wonderful and safe tourist destination.”

Meet the Canadian-Croatian crushing it on TikTok

(Photo: Private album/supplied)

Kata also closely follows the technology market and all innovations. She pays special attention to the latest mobile phone models because she is aware that she must know all the trends. Even before they become a hit, Kata immediately downloads each new ISO application and tries to simplify it for her followers.

“New trends come every day, and I as an internet person who has an internet business have to follow trends if I want to succeed. The Internet does not sleep. There are no working hours and you always have to be up to date with the news and with your clients who are in different time zones,” explains Kata proudly.

Kata shoots videos for her platforms almost every day and spends most of her time on YouTube vlogs, which she just recently launched.

“I try to have something especially interesting for the title, the so-called ‘hack’, it’s more informative, I comment more, I put reactions. I change the content to stay dynamic, but I stay the same as a person and try to tell my fans to be authentic, ”Kata told us.

Meet the Canadian-Croatian crushing it on TikTok

(Photo: Private album/supplied)

She is aware that due to many pressures from social networks, young people can have unrealistic expectations, so Kata often promotes a healthy lifestyle and ideas on how to release stress. This is also true for her because due to the scope of work, she actually works all the time.

“Sometimes it’s enough for me to take a break, listen to a good song. Singers Ivan Zak and Lana Jurčević usually improve my mood.”

Kata admits that she earns well from her popularity through sponsors and high-profile clients.

“Only thanks to my high-profile clients do I earn an average Canadian salary per month that is enough for me to continue investing in my business, and all the earnings from sponsors are just an added plus,” Kata explains. 

When her video promoted one mobile wallpaper editing app, that app became number one for downloads in the Apple Store. The owner of the app in America literally made millions of dollars overnight. Digital marketing and various platforms on social networks are changing the way we do business, and young and capable influencers like Katarina Moguš are finding their opportunity to make money with effort and perseverance.

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