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Medals for Croatian Team at RoboCup in China

114Some good news for the Croatian robotic association coming out of China, where the 2015 RoboCup is currently being held…

More than 300 teams of robot makers from 47 countries gathered in the Chinese city of Hefei for the 19th RoboCup to showcase the latest in robot technologies, and it was a successful one for Croatia, with two of their four teams participating winning silver medals.

Secondary school team ROBOFREAK CROATIAN TEAM, consisting of Matej Novosad, Andro Katanec and Branimir Ćaran, won silver in the Rescue Line Secondary category, whilst Ivan Kolarić an Janko Pribičević also won silver in the Rescue Maze category.


The competition, which finished yesterday, focused on three aspects: robot football, service robots and rescue robots. The first RoboCup was held in Japan in 1997.


Bravo, guys.

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