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May Day: Croats Called To Protest En Masse

Trade Union leaders have called on Croats to show their disappointment with current government policies and turn out en masse on Zagreb’s main downtown square for a huge May-day rally.

Over 20,000 are expected and President of the Independent Trade Unions (NHS) Kresimir Sever says that its time that citizens joined forces and show their frustration with current policies.

“We have invited all citizens to the protest rally and we don’t care who will come and who will take advantage of it politically. It’s a protest against this government’s policies. Had its policies been better, there would probably be no protest,” said Sever.
Unions are demanding higher taxes for banks and the financial sector, an end to austerity measures and higher wages, pensions and more jobs. “You have been chosen by the people, you will be removed by the people,” the unions said.

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