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Massive increase in private jet landings at Rijeka Airport

Massive increase in private jet landings at Rijeka Airport

After a difficult period caused by the pandemic, Rijeka Airport on the Croatian island of Krk is booming this summer. 

Rijeka Airport is connected to 16 European destinations, but what is interesting this summer has been the marked increase in the number of private jets landing at the airport. 

So far, this summer, there have been over 600 private flights at Rijeka Airport.

“The number of such aircraft compared to the record 2019 is 3 times higher so far. It just shows a changing habit. People are willing to spend significantly more money to travel alone,” Tomislav Palalić, director of Rijeka Airport told HRT.

A large majority of these tourists arriving private go onto stay at luxury villas on the island of Krk or on their yachts. Currently, all 850 berths are filled in Marina Punat on Krk.

“A large number of guests come to the marina and other accommodation by (private) plane. We have recently seen an increase in guests who come to the marina by their own plane,” says Renata Marević, director of Marina Punat, island of Krk.

“We have a lot of flights to Croatia and from Split, Zadar, Dubrovnik, Rijeka. Your country is beautiful, you have the sea and our clients want to come to the Adriatic Sea quickly, safely and discreetly. Especially in these crazy covid times,” said Richard Macho from Queen Air.

Private flights are ensuring the positive operation of Rijeka Airport this year.

“Fees for these flights are not subject, ie discounts are not granted to them as they are granted to regular carriers. And that is a significant source of income in this challenging year and we are satisfied with that,” said Palalic.

The rapid growth of private flights may be a signpost in which direction Rijeka Airport should develop. Because, luxury flights, marinas and villas always go together.

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