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Man Gets Back Lost Wallet 14 Years Later in Croatia

11When Ivica Jerković arrived home in the eastern village of Donja Motičina on Friday to find a package delivered by the postman, he had no idea that what was inside would be his wallet that he had lost over 14 years ago…

What makes the package even more extraordinary was that inside the wallet all of Ivica’s documents were still there, as too as a bundle of cash. Ivica had 2,000 Deutsche Marks in his wallet when he lost it, which was replaced by 1,500 francs.

“I couldn’t imagine a better Easter gift. If I compare the 2,000 Deutsche Marks which I had when the wallet went missing, I calculated that the sender of the wallet has sent the same amount in francs, with interest for those 14 years,” a shocked Jerković, who remembers well the day he lost his wallet, told daily 24sata.

After going to the bank to withdraw cash to fix the roof on his home, Ivica popped into to a party down by the lake with friends on his way home, and later that day ended up in the Accident and Emergency after one of his friends became ill.

“I either lost the wallet at the party or at the hospital. I looked in the car a hundred times,” he said.

Ivica is not quiet sure who mysteriously sent back the wallet, but would love to know so he can personally thank them.

“I have no idea why they kept the wallet all these years. I think they must have calculated how much money they needed to return and used the money they took to get them out of financial trouble,” Jerković said.

“If it was one of my friends then now we can be even greater friends because of this. I really want to know who sent it back and in no way am I angry at them,” he concluded.

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