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Man Collects Every Single Edition of Croatian Newspaper Ever Released

24sataExactly 10 years ago today – on 2 March 2005 – Croatian daily newspaper 24sata sold its first ever issue, since then 3,533 copies have been sold and there is one man in Croatia who has every single copy stacked nicely at home…

Đuro Živković (59) from the eastern Slavonian town of Županja has collected the newspaper since its release back in 2005. Today, on the occasion of their 10th birthday, 24sata have published photos of Đuro’s collection.

“When my friends come over to play cards they will ask why I am collecting them. I don’t explain too much, I just say it is something I love to do,” said Đuro, who has the old newspapers stacked in bundles of 50.

“It is part of my daily routine. The women at the kiosk know that I buy 24sata. Sometimes they sell out of all their copies but they will call one of their colleagues from another kiosk to get me one. I like the newspaper, it has everything in it, is short and clear.”

Živković plans to continue to collect the newspaper. (photo / 24sata)

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