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Made in Croatia: Ivan’s e-Bench off to Qatar


A bench designed by a 20-year-old Croatian that can charge mobile phones and also provide street lighting looks set to be a feature on the streets of Qatar…

Ivan Mrvoš, who designed the Solarna e-klupa (e-bench), a bench for sitting, which at the same time can charge tablets and mobile phones, is an internet hotspot, has air sensors and also acts as street lighting at night, has recently had a call from Qatar, where there has been interest in ordering his e-benches, dnevnik.hr reports.

“I got a call from Qatar and they want to purchase the e-bench immediately, but we said we can not delivery it right away as we don’t have them,” Ivan said, who has attracted around 2 million euros in investment for his project.

“By March 2016 we will have a 800-square metre production plant which will employ around 30 people. The bench costs 11,000 kuna (1,500 euros),” he said.

Currently there are 19 of the e-benches in Croatia, 6 in Sarajevo and 3 in Montenegro.

Qatar is not the only country interested in the smart benches, recently Mrvoš announced that one his benches was to be placed in Hong Kong.

Interest in the benches is growing globally

Interest in the benches is growing globally

“The bench will be placed at a University in Hong Kong as an exhibit and test case. After that we will most likely sign a contact that will see them take the Chinese market and work on finding new clients. We will send the benches then from Croatia,” Mrvoš said earlier.

The e-klupa, which was at hit at this year’s Sarajevo Film Festival where it was displayed, can work up to 10 days without sun.

Mrvoš says that whole project in making the bench took around four-months and the materials to make it were financed by the Solin Town Council.

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