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Little Nora Takes Step Towards Treatment

“People here are more than friendly, they could all not wait for Nora to arrive. So, when you walk into the hospital you forget all the other problems. Now the most important thing is that Nora is in safe hands, everyone is attentive towards us and they really are taking care of Nora,” said Dana Atanasovska from Philadelphia, mother of 5-year-old Nora Situm, who arrived for special treatment for acute lymphobastic leukemia in the US last week, after Croatia rallied around to raise more than 500,000 euros required for the potentially life-saving treatment.

The first step towards treatment was made yesterday, when Nori had a catheter inserted. “Now, when the cells are extracted, they must be converted to what they should be converted to, until now science has no explanation, if they do what they should, then we are one step away from the start of therapy,” added Dana, before thanking Croatia once again.

“I send my greetings to all of Croatia and once again thank you everyone. We pushed some boundaries, and we hope to help not only my Nori, but all the Nora’s in Croatia,” Dana said on Croatian national television from the US.

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