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Little Luka Novak fighting the odds to walk

Help Luka Novak walk

Luka Novak (4) (Private album)

Little Luka Novak comes from a small village in Croatia called Kozarac, located near the eastern town of Beli Manastir. 

Shortly after he was born, Luka was diagnosed with a number of neurological disorders which prevent him from being able to walk today. His father — Marijan — only has one wish in the world — for his son Luka, who is now 4 years old, to walk. 

“Every parent wonders why us? Then you accept the situation as it is and realise that unfortunately it happens to others as well,” Marijan says, before adding. 

“Luka is an extremely intelligent child with a big heart, an infectious smile who lives life with a lot of love. Our little angel with long blonde hair. His only wish is to walk. To stand on his little feet, which he will lead through the life he deserves. Nothing is difficult for him, he does all his exercises and he plays and laughs happily.”

Help Luka Novak walk

(Private album)

Despite the prognosis, Marijan and his wife set out on the fight to help Luka walk, exercising every day and as Marijan says, he would do anything for his child.

Therapies that Luka needs now are the ones that are guided by robots as they are the most effective in putting Luka on his feet.

The anticipated duration of neurorehabilitation is 24 weeks which would cost around 180,000 kuna, an amount which the family can not afford.

“Since only I work, our financial income is not enough for all the required treatment which is extremely expensive. We knocked and asked for help on all possible sides, good hearted people helped us and in that way helped us a lot in the previous therapies for Luka,” Marijan says. 

Help Luka Novak walk

(Private album)

The family organised a charity concert two years ago which was extremely well attended and raised funds for Luka’s initial therapies but now they need more and they have nowhere else to turn so they set up a Go Get Funding page. 

“We go to a point of complete financial exhaustion. We found ourselves in front of a wall with the question what next? How to help a helpless child who is now four years old and still not walking. We as parents have nowhere else to go. We are forced to ask for help this way so that we can continue with the therapies. Please help Luka to start his childhood as a healthy and happy child, and we ask you to participate in our humanitarian fundraising campaign for robotic therapy at the Glavić Polyclinic in Zagreb,” Marijan said.

Help Luka Novak walk

(Private album)

You can help by visiting the Go Get Funding page HERE

You can watch Luka who featured on the show Kod nas doma HERE

A humanitarian action has been set up in Croatia to help raise money for Luka’s treatments. Details (in Croatian) how to help below. 

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