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Let’s Talk Series to Help Out Non-Croats Living in Croatia

CroatiaWith Zagreb’s non-Croat community steadily increasing each year, so are events and social engagements to help them integrate into the local way of life in the Croatian capital. A new series of events called Let’s Talk Language kicks off later this month, and the team behind it tells us what its all about.

Do you remember that certain amount of pride felt when being able to order your food or drink whilst abroad on a school tour? There’s an element of ‘achievement unlocked’ once you’ve mastered those few key phrases, which might assist you on your holidays. Living abroad is a different beast altogether, however. Sure, some few small phrases will suffice, and here in Zagreb we’re fortunate that the vast majority of the working population possess a level of English which puts our own forced hvalas and molims in perspective. It also creates a disincentive to improve what little we know, something which further stymies the reputation of the anglo-centric English speaker.

This event is intended firstly for the English speaking, expat (though we don’t favour that term at all), community of Croatia, whether English be your native tongue, or learned along the way.

In this short seminar/talk/discussion, we will explore the difficulties involved with picking up a level of fluency in Croatian, as well as learning a little about its history in the centuries leading up to now. Our speaker on the night will look to set you at ease in relation to making the step up from ‘još jednu pivu’, to something a little more fluid and complex.

While it’s great that the barista on Cvjetni can speak English, there’s a definite obligation for those of us living here to make more of an effort. We hope to see you at Lisinski Concert Hall on October 28th, starting at 6 pm.

There is a nominal cover charge to take care of costs: 100 Kuna per person*

All participants are entitled to 10% discount on “Lisinski Saturdays” program and there is a raffle giving away some free tickets as well.

Booking and online payment is to be made
no later than October 27th.

Booking and payment details:
[email protected]

Bank details:
Payment description:
Let’s Talk Language

*discounts available for group bookings

Facebook link to the event can be found here

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