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Legame – The First Virtual Reality Studio in Croatia



Experience what its like to be an astronaut in space or what is feels like to go deep-sea diving with sharks or dolphins at Croatia’s first virtual reality studio…

“This is the first virtual reality studio in Croatia, the only place in Croatia where you can experience a virtual reality,” explains Milan Gostimir from Legame studio.

The studio offers a computer-simulated environment that simulates a physical presence in places in the real world or in imaginary worlds. A three-dimensional image via special glasses that surrounds the user, as well as sounds via headphones, give visitors to the studio a complete experience of a place or situation.


“The reaction from the public has been really great . People love coming here. They don’t know what to expect then they first arrive but when they leave they feel great. A lot return, bring their kids back, tell their friends about it. It is great.”

Milan says that ‘swimming with dolphins’ and experiencing what it is like as an astronaut, are the most popular virtual experiences with visitors so far.


You can check them out at: Legame Studio, Savska 50, Zagreb.

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