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Learning Croatian: Phrase of the Week


You know some basic Croatian, enough to get you by, but there is nothing that will impress more than knowing a local phrase or slang that you can slip into a conversation…

Our ‘Word / Phrase of the Week will teach you a variety of words and phrases commonly used in Croatia, but not commonly found in language learning material.

Today’s phrase:

With EURO 2016 going on at the moment here is a phrase which you can slip in and impress the locals.

‘Skinuo paučinu’

Skinuo paučinu is used when a player finds the top corner of the goal and scores. The phrase literally translates to ‘(he) removed the cobweb’. With spiders spinning cobwebs in corners, the shot is perceived to remove it.

Watch former Croatian captain Zvonimir Boban ‘skinuo paučinu’

Let’s hope there is a chance to use the phrase at the bar this Friday when Croatia take on the Czech Republic at Euro 2016.

If you have a candidate for ‘Word / Phrase of the Day’, then submit them to [email protected] to be published.

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