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Learn about the dinosaur past of Brijuni Islands

Dinosaur Day at Brijuni National Park

(Photo: Brijunii National Park)

It is believed that dinosaurs strolled Croatia’s Brijuni islands between 100-130 million years ago and a total of 24 dinosaur fossils and their sites have now been declared a protected part of nature there.

Dinosaur Day – an educational and entertainment event – will be held at Brijuni National Park on April 9, 2022.

For all dinosaur lovers, young and old, a full programme on the topic of dinosaurs and paleontological values of the Brijuni National Park and the surrounding area has been prepared for this year’s Dinosaur Day.

Visitors can expect professional lectures, stories and presentations, games and creative workshops and a tour of paleontological sites on Veliki Brijun. 

The outdoor event, held in the centre of Veliki Brijun and at paleontological sites where more than 200 footprints of dinosaurs, the huge reptiles that ruled the Earth in the Mesozoic period, were found. 

At the paleontological sites, paleontology students will explain everything about the feet, their origin and preservation, and what all the knowledge paleontologists gain through fossil traces. 

Visitors will be transported by a tourist train to the Barban site, which is located in the northern part of Veliki Brijun, near the Safari Park.

A visit to the Ploče site, located on the Zelenikovac peninsula, will be organised on two occasions, at 13:00 and 15:30, as expert guides for smaller groups. Pre-registration for participation will be possible upon arrival at Veliki Brijun, at the Info-point. The tour lasts 1 hour and includes a 1 km walk.

The educational part of the programme will include professional lectures for children and adults, stories for the youngest, fun experiments and educational stands and posters. The creative and entertainment part of the programme will include drawing and colouring, making dino masks and dino feet, dino tattoos and paleontological sandstones.

Entry prices:

Adults – 100 kn
Kids 7-18 – 70 kn
Kids under 7 – free 

The educational and entertainment programme at Dinosaur Day starts at 11:30 am 

Tickets on sale on the NP Brijuni webshop under POSEBNA DOGAĐANJA 

Tickets for dogs can be purchased at the box office in Fažana (Brionska 10). Dogs can move in places provided by the Rules of Conduct: https://www.np-brijuni.hr/hr/planiraj-posjet/servisne-informacije/pravila-ponasanja

Dinosaur Day at Brijuni National Park

Art competition on the occasion of Dinosaur Day at Brijuni National Park

“On the occasion of Dinosaur Day at Brijuni National Park, we invite young artists (up to 12 years old) to send us their artwork with the theme of dinosaurs. Be creative and imaginative, and we will exhibit your works in the “Dino Gallery” on Veliki Brijun, April 9, 2022. The best three works, according to the jury, will be awarded with a package of tickets for the Brijuni National Park (2 adults and 1 child).

The competition is open until April 4, 2022, and send your works to the address JUNP Brijuni (for the “Dino Gallery”), Brionska ulica 10, 52212 Fažana. Be sure to write your name, surname, address and age on your works,” organisers said. 

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