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Largest Swimming Pool in Croatia to be Built in Slavonija

btThe eastern region of Slavonija is set to be home to the largest swimming pool in Croatia…

More than 1,000 workers are currently constructing what will be the largest swimming pool in Croatia at Bizovačke toplice spa.

The investment is worth around 10 million euros, which will also see new a new spa built and the existing hotel at the complex reconstructed.

The construction of the pool, with a water surface of more than 2,000 square meters, is near competition and is only the first of three phases of the investment at the spa by Sun Group, who purchased the complex in 2014. The pool is worth about 1.5 million euros and will fit around 1,800 cubic meters of water in it.

“Definitely the special attraction will be the artificial waves that will be produced using special generators from Scotland. The waves will get up to a metre in height. The pool will heat up on colder days and depending on weather conditions should work until November, receiving thousands of swimmers a day”, said Bizovačke toplice spa director Ivica Baković.

(photo: Bizovačke toplice)

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