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Lamb From Pag Becomes First in Croatia to Get Protection Status

lambLamb from the Croatian island of Pag has become the first lamb in the country to get recognition as a product of protected designation of origin by Croatian authorities…

The famous Pag lamb, which has a renowned reputation in the country, received protection status this week from the Ministry of Agriculture. Only lamb raised on Pag can carry now carry the name and the association who fought for the protection says that the recognition will provide a number of benefits to breeders.

“We wanted to protect (Pag) lamb for economic, legal, consumer, cultural, ecological and social reasons. Pag lamb has become the first lamb in Croatia to have protected designation of origin,” said Ante Čemeljić, secretary of the Rogujica Association of Breeders, adding that the protection is in fact the most powerful, as there will be numerous benefits in protecting the authenticity of the famous delicacy.

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