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LADO Electro presents new video ‘Poskočica’

LADO Electro presents new video ‘Poskočica’


For 20 years, the LADO Electro project has been combining traditional Croatian musical expressions with electronic music.

With the new video for the song “Poskočica” from the album 2.0 Memorabilium, LADO Electro announces the celebration of 20 years of its existence.

The song and video are the latest single from the album Memorabilium 2.0, and are inspired by the traditional heritage of Dalmatia, more precisely the Dalmatian kolo dance ‘Poskočica’ known as Linđo.

The author of the project Boris Harfman found inspiration for the vocal performance in a folk song from the settlement of Ponikve on the Pelješac, which can be heard in similar versions in the near and far areas of the peninsula. 

The author of the lyrics is Boris Harfman, and the music is written by Harfman and Hrvoje Crnić.

The choreography in the video was done by Rajko Pavlić, a famous Croatian choreographer and the founder of the studio for contemporary dance “Liberdance”.  Pavlić also choreographed the first LADO Electro video for the song “1 Pura 2 Pandura”.

Poskočica is one of 26 songs from LADO Electro 2.0 Memorabilium released by Aquarius Records in 2018.

Check out the video below. 

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