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Komiški rogač becomes 42nd protected Croatian product

Komiški rogač becomes 42nd protected Croatian product

Komiški rogač becomes 42nd protected Croatian product

ZAGREB, 30 March (Hina) – The Ministry of Agriculture reported on Wednesday that the Komiški rogač, or carob from Komiћa, is the 42nd Croatian product with a protected name in the European Union.

“Komiški rogač” has received a European protected designation of geographical origin, the European Commission announced in the Official Journal of the European Union on 29 March 2023.

The process of protecting the name “Komiški rogač” was initiated by the Association of Komiški Rogač. The EU designation of protected origin or the protected geographical origin on the packaging guarantees the consumer the purchase of an authentic product.

“Komiški rogač” is a dark brown colour, an elongated and slightly curved pod with rounded ends, sweetish taste with scents of chocolate and cocoa, and an exceptionally strong and intensive aroma reminiscent of chocolate and cocoa. It is colloquially known as poor man’s chocolate.

The physical characteristics of the commercially mature fruit of “Komiški rogač” are a slightly wrinkled, hard, smooth and shiny surface, light brown flesh (pulp) that is softer than the skin, and brittle structures with dark brown, firm, hard, rounded and slightly flattened seeds.

The pod is between 10 cm and 20 cm long and weighs between 17 g and 40 g.

In terms of its chemical composition, the product ‘Komiški rogač’ (fruit) has a minimum: total sugar content of 40.0%, and calcium content in dry matter of 0.17% (170 mg), protein content in dry matter of 3.9% (3.9 g).

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Along with Komiški rogač, the other protected Croatian products are: Krčki pršut, Ekstra djevičansko maslinovo ulje Cres, Neretvanska mandarina, Ogulinsko kiselo zelje / Ogulinski kiseli kupus, Baranjski kulen, Lički krumpir, Istarski pršut / Istrski pršut, Drniški pršut, Dalmatinski pršut, Poljički soparnik / Poljički zeljanik / Poljički uljenjak, Zagorski puran, Krčko maslinovo ulje, Korčulansko maslinovo ulje, Paška janjetina, Šoltansko maslinovo ulje, Varaždinsko zelje, Slavonski kulen / Slavonski kulin, Međimursko meso ‘z tiblice, Slavonski med, Lička janjetina, Istra, Paška sol, Zagorski mlinci, Paški sir, Bjelovarski kvargl, Brački varenik, Varaždinski klipič, Malostonska kamenica, Rudarska greblica, Dalmatinska pečenica, Dalmatinska panceta, Lički škripavac, Bračko maslinovo ulje, Zagorski bagremov medZagorski štrukli / Zagorski štruklji, Meso istarskog goveda  boškarina / Meso istrskega goveda  boškarinaSamoborska češnjovka / Samoborska češnofka, LumblijaGoranski medunDalmatinska janjetina and Slavonska kobasica.

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