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Kiwi Tongan & Samoan band The Shades perform touching Croatian song

Kuca nase pisme


A quartet of New Zealanders with Pacific Island heritage touched Croatian singer Goran Karan with a beautiful performance of one of his songs recently. 

The Shades, who are made up of two Samoan and two Tongan singers, performed a rendition of Kuća naše pisme, which won the Split Festival last year, with FA Kralj Tomislav at the Croatian Cultural Society in Auckland, New Zealand.

Under the tutelage of Auckland-based teacher Goran Kačurov, The Shades have been learning Croatian songs and were set to be in Croatia this year to perform the song live with Karan, and the song’s collaborators Tedi Spalato, and Klapa sv. Juraj HRM, but it did not eventuate because of the pandemic.

“We are very fortunate that we have been given the opportunity to work alongside Goran Kačurov and also the ensemble of Kraj Tomislav. To be working together and making music and recording that actual song Kuća naše pisme, it is such a beautiful piece with the history behind it. We thank Goran and we look forward to coming to Croatia soon, much love to everyone in Croatia,” The Shades said.

“When Goran Kačurov and The Shades sent me their version of the song, my heart almost stopped from beauty and thankfulness. Thank you God for a present like this and I cannot wait to sing together with these people,” Goran Karan said. 

Check out Taka, Manese, Ipu, and Samson perform the song with the orchestra in the video below. 

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