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Kids Vote Luka Modrić as Croatia’s Best Sportsperson

LukaThe kids have spoken. Luka Modrić is Croatia’s best sportsperson…

Modrić was at Zagreb’s Hotel Esplanade on Monday to pick up his award presented by the Youth Sport Games. Modrić, who received more than 40,000 votes, was proud to be named the best Croatian sportsperson by the nation’s kids.

“Every award is satisfying to win because it means that you are doing something good. We have all been kids and they speak honestly and their emotions are from the heart so this award is special. I have two beautiful kids and I will try that one day they take part in the Youth Sport Games,” said the Real Madrid midfielder.

The kids had a chance also to have a Q&A with their hero during the presentation on Monday.

“Making my debut for Croatia against Argentina and winning the Champions League with Real,” Modrić said when asked what his favourite moment of his career was.

Modrić was then asked which club he has played for was the best.

“In every club there are special emotions, in every club I made friends. I think that I am enjoying the most now at Real,” he said, before adding that he would most likely be a waiter if he had not made it in football.

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