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Keep Cool & Organised in Dubrovnik

Keep cool & informed in Dubrovnik (Photo credit: Vedran Jerinic)

Some more proof that the best ideas are often the simplest coming from Dubrovnik.

The Hello Dubrovnik team has come up with a new innovative solution to keep tourists and visitors cool and well informed at the same time.

You have finally arrived in Dubrovnik, the city of centuries-old culture and tradition and you want to make sure you will see all the best that the city offers and don’t miss anything? But it is really hot outside and you have no idea where to start.

(Photo credit: Vedran Jerinic)

Don’t worry, Hello Dubrovnik has a solution just for you – their recently launched hand fan will keep you cool and help you plan your day.

(Photo credit: Vedran Jerinic)

The hand fan is practical for two reasons. You can fold it and put it in your pocket or in your bag and pull it out when you need a break and a bit of fresh air. Also, it will help direct you with advertisements and addresses for Dubrovnik’s best places on it.

(Photo credit: Vedran Jerinic)

(Photo credit: Vedran Jerinic)

They have it all covered – whether you need a ride, accommodation or guiding services, whether you are searching for souvenirs or a desire for Dubrovnik’s culture, whether you are hungry or you just need a place for refreshment and relaxation.

(Photo credit: Vedran Jerinic)

The hand fans are free and available at all of the places which are advertised on them.

You can follow Hello Dubrovnik on Facebook or Instagram & get in touch with them you anything may need while your stay in the Adriatic Pearl.



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