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Jastrebarsko: 8 things to do on the outskirts of Zagreb


One of the first stops on the Zagreb-Split highway is the town of Jastrebarsko. Located in the Zagreb county, the town colloquially known as Jaska is around 30 km from the centre of Zagreb and there are lots of reasons to not just drive by but to stop and visit. 

Whatever your thing is, either being active, chilling out, swimming or exploring, Jastrebarsko has it all. Here are 8 things to do in the area which will make your holiday different than before. 

Discover Jastrebarsko

Erdödy castle gardens in the centre of town

The Erdödy Castle is the oldest building in Jastrebarsko. The castle is located in a beautiful old park that is actually a monument of horticulture with the gardens dating from the turn of the 20th century. The protected area of the park is 9.47 hectares and contains a brook named Reka, a pond named Park, and the Erdödy Castle, its most valuable “exhibit”. Across from the palace, there is an old granary with a beautiful green patio in front of it.

Discover the undiscovered by bike 

In the immediate vicinity of Perivoja in Jastrebarsko there is the first public garage with electric bicycles. Bicycles are customised for mountain biking and for riding around the city, and can be hired through the Nextbike application. You can rent a bike for half an hour for just 10 kuna. Through the Jaskan Range, there are over 250 km of marked bike trails running through untouched nature and waiting for you to discover some of its undiscovered part.

From wood – barrels. Visit the barrel makers

Find out how barrels used to be made, how they are made today, the benefits of a good quality wine barrel, and a lot of other things with a visit to the traditional barrel maker located in Jastrebarsko. Mr Golub’s craftsmanship is one of the trades that boasts a long tradition of over 50 years. The barrel collection in Jastrebarsko is the only second collection in Croatia.

Water as an aphrodisiac – visit the natural pool in Sveta Jana 

Jaska is not just known for the the success of Plešivica wines, it is also known for the richness and purity of water. The source of water in Sveta Jana,  according to local folk tale, is like an aphrodisiac. In Sveta Jana, there is a natural pool with a natural source of water where the water temperature does not fall below 23 degrees throughout the year.

Visit the Plešivica wine road 

Seven kilometres away from Jastrebarsko, Plešivica rose high alongside a mountain ridge with the same name (779 m), offering a view full of diversity and beauty. Almost all year Plešivica is bathed in the sun, and fog and humidity are rare occurrences. On the Plešivica wine ride you can taste various wines from sauvignon to rose, and try the autochthonous treat – copanjek.

Sea of greenery in Jaska – Visit the Žumberak Nature Park 

Žumberak nature park is full of nature, hiking and biking trails and is a perfect place to spend the day enjoying the nature. This mosaic of preserved traditional landscape with great wealth of flora and fauna, geological features and valuable archaeological finds is what attracts people today. Your body and mind will appreciate the time spent in silence or reading a good book in nature. Prepare a picnic basket with local home products and make your way to the sea of greenery.

Fly above Jaska 

If you are an adrenaline fan, find yourself halfway between heaven and earth, navigate through the clouds and visit the tame Jaskan end, try out fly fishing that is a unique experience. If you are brave you can try paragliding from Japetić or Plešivice or to see the panorama of Jaska and the surroundings by plane. 

Go fishing & hunting 

Experience something special like fishing or hunting in dawn. There are 18 hunting grounds in the Jaska area, with a total area of 54,000 hectares, as well as numerous altitude and lowland plains, such as the Dubrava, Gović and Park lakes.

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