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Jacques Cousteau Movie Filmed in Croatia ‘The Odyssey’ to Open with Free Screenings

The Odyssey

The biopic film about legendary French ocean explorer and film-maker Jacques Cousteau, which was filmed in 2015 in Croatia, will hit debut in Croatia with a free screening across the country on 7 November 2017.

The Odyssey, which stars Lambert Wilson, Audrey Tautou and Pierre Niney in leading roles, will open in Croatia at 35 cinemas as part of Independent Cinemas Day on 7 November 2017.

Organised by The Croatian Independent Cinema Network together with the Croatian Audiovisual Centre, screenings on 7 November 2017 at 35 cinemas will be free, with the film then going into distribution.

The Odyssey was filmed in Croatia in September 2015 on the island of Hvar (Jagoda bay, Jelsa, Starigrad, Hvar, Pakleni islands) and on the islands of Vis and Bisevo and acted as the south of France in the film.

The Odyssey

Two-thirds of those involved in the filming were Croatian, including set designer Ivica Trpic, costume designer Nikolina Kostanjšek, masquerade maker Tina Jesenković, film director Jurica Estera and others.

The Odyssey filmed in Croatia

The movie a filmed in Croatia thanks to the Croatian Audiovisual Center’s incentives scheme, with the film crew spending around one million euros during the 14 days of shooting. Under the scheme, 20% of the funds were rebated.

The Odyssey filming

Cousteau is a famous French scientist and adventurer who recorded 120 documentary films about secrets of the sea and all forms of life in water, thus contributing to the understanding the underwater world.

Cousteau in Split, Croatia in 1977 (Photo: Marin Troselj)

Together with Louis Malle, he filmed The Silent World (Le Monde du Silence), which in 1956 won the Golden Palm at the Cannes Film Festival and then the Oscar Award. Cousteau won two more Oscars and a number of film awards, but he is mostly remembered for the documentary series The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau, which was broadcast at the end of the ’60s and was one of the most famous series of the time.

Cousteau in Split, Croatia in 1977 (Photo: IZOR)

The 35 cinemas involved in the free screenings are; Kino Mediteran Bol, Centar Za Kulturu Čakovec, Kino 30. svibnja (Daruvar), Kino Sloboda (Dubrovnik), Kino Mediteran Hvar, Kino Mediteran Imotski, Kino Ivanec, Kino Mediteran Jelsa, Kino Mediteran Komiža, Kino Velebit (Koprivnica), Kino Moslavina (Kutina), Kino Mediteran Lastovo, Dvorana Relković (Nova Gradiška), Kino Marof (POU Novi Marof), Kino Novska, Kino Urania (Osijek), Kino Hrvatski Dom (Pakrac), Kino Dom Kulture Grada Preloga, Kino Valli (Pula), Art-Kino Croatia (Rijeka), Kino Samobor, Gradsko kino Sinj, Kino Dom Kulture Kristalna Kocka Vedrine (Sisak), Kino Slatina, Kino Karaman (Split), Kinoteka Zlatna Vrata (Split), Kino Mediteran Stari Grad, Kino Zelina (Sv. Ivan Zelina), Kino Gaj (Varaždin), Kino Gorica (Velika Gorica), Zimsko kino Vis, Kino Vodice, Kino Zabok, Kino Europa (Zagreb) and Kino Kinoteka (Zagreb).

Check out the official trailer below:

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