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Italian Surgeon Completes 32nd Free Operation in Croatia

An Italian surgeon has just completed his 32nd operation on a child in Croatia – free of charge. Bruno Murzi has just operated on Sanela Demirovic (2) for free and her happy father wants to thank the Italian surgeon for his humanitarian gesture.

“I don’t know Italian but somehow I must write to thank him,” said Elvir Demirovic, after Murzi operated on Sanela, who had a narrowing of the aorta and pulmonary hole in the heart, in Rijeka.

Murzi has been coming to Croatia for the past 15 years to perform operations free of charge. Murzi mainly operates on small babies with serious heart complications.

The Italian surgeon started working with Croatian hospitals during the war, where he worked as a humanitarian in Rijeka. To date Murzi has operated on 32 small children, reported daily newspaper 24sata.hr.

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