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Italian Grannies Off to Croatia on their First Ever Holiday


Ugljan – (photo credit: tzperko.hr)

Three grannies crowd-fund their first ever vacation to the seaside….

Three grannies, Erminia, Iolanda and Armida, from the small Alpine village of Daone in the Trentino region of northern Italy had never ever been on holiday to the seaside. The trio, who have an age of 80, decided to start raising money to make the holiday a reality. First they tried selling cakes at the local fair, and they even made a calendar to sell, but nothing worked. When they turned to crowd-funding on the internet, the funds for the trip were collected in only two days.

So the merry group called ‘funne’ (meaning women in their dialect) will finally get to wet their feet in the sea for the first time.

Funne’s destination is the Croatian island of Ugljan, chosen because it has the same patron saint as Daone: The Madonna of the Snow. Their coach left Daone on August 2, just in time for funne to celebrate the patron saint day on 5 August.

Three ladies are also protagonists of a documentary “Funne – le ragazze che sognano il mare.” by Katia Bernardi.

Read the story in full on the BBC here.

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