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Istria’s biggest roundabout illuminated in blue to mark corona victory

Istria and Croatia’s largest roundabout, located in Pula (Photo credit: Danijel Bartolic/Skira/Archive)

ZAGREB, May 3 (Hina) – Istria County on Saturday declared its victory over COVID-19, and therefore on Saturday night the major roundabout in the city of Pula was illuminated in light blue, the symbolic colour of the fight against this infections disease.

The roundabout was lit up in that colour also as an act of expressing gratitude to healthcare services in Istria that helped the area to combat this infectious disease.

The local coronavirus crisis management team earlier on Saturday stated that there were no more patients diagnosed with COVID-19 in that Croatian county which was declared a corona-free zone.

Since the start of the epidemic, there have been 87 patients who have caught this novel virus and all of them, but two elderly citizens who died due to this infection recovered until Saturday.

(Photo: Skira)

Local epidemiologist Aleksandar Stojanovic said on Saturday that a total of 1,733 people had been tested since the outbreak of COVID-19. There are still 1,384 people in self-isolation.

“We have a calm and stable situation, and we don’t expect any major changes,” Stojanovic said.

The impressive lighting installation at the roundabout in Pula is designed by Dean Skira. The Pula roundabout, which is the biggest roundabout in Croatia, covers 15,000 square meters and actually serves as an efficient rainwater drainage system to resolve the community’s flooding problem.

(Photo credit: Danijel Bartolic/Skira/Archive)

The outer ring constructed by architects is based on an elegant, circular construction of 340 white poles that release water vapor from the drainage system.

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