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Is Croatia a safe country? 

Is Croatia a safe country? 

Is Croatia a safe country?

In a world that can often feel unpredictable and volatile, safety is a key consideration for many people when deciding where to live. While definitions of safety can vary widely, factors such as low crime rates and political stability are often used as indicators of a safe country. 

Living in a safe country can be an attractive prospect and Croatia is, according to most parameters, one of the safest countries in Europe, with a low crime rate and a stable political environment. 

When people are asked, especially returning diaspora or expats, what they enjoy the most about living in Croatia, the most the common answers is how safe they feel in the country. 

Croatia consistently ranks highly in global safety rankings 

In the ranking of the Most Peaceful Countries in 2023, Croatia was in the top 15 in a study of 163 independent nations and territories around the world, ranking just below Finland. 

Last year, Croatia had the lowest share of people reporting crime, violence or vandalism in their neighbourhood in the European Union, according to a Eurostat report.

The data showed that 11% of the EU population reported that they had faced crime, violence or vandalism in their local area. The highest shares was recorded in Bulgaria, 20.2% of the population, whilst Croatia had the lowest with just 2.7% of the population reporting crime, violence or vandalism in their neighbourhood. 

According to another recent study, published by Landgeist, Croatia scored among the highest in Europe for people feeling safe walking the streets at night alone.

According to data from Numbeo.com, the highest scores when it came to people feeling the safest when walking alone on the streets at night were in Slovenia (78.4) and Croatia (77.4). 

At the other end of the scale, Sweden, the UK, Belgium, Ukraine, Ireland, Italy and Greece were countries which scored the lowest.

Croatia was ranked the 12th safest out of 142 countries on the Crime Index 2023 published by Numbeo.com. 

Crime Index 2023

1. Qatar
2. UAE
3. Taiwan
4. Isle of Man
5. Oman
6. Hong Kong
7. Armenia 
8. Japan
9. Switzerland
10. Bahrain
11. Slovenia 
12. Croatia
13. Monaco

Living in, or visiting as a tourist, a safe country offers many advantages. People tend to experience less stress and anxiety, and they often feel more secure and at ease in their daily lives. 

Is Croatia a safe country? 


The sense of security and safety that comes with living in a safe country can also be very attractive to families with children, as it provides a safe and nurturing environment for children to grow up in. While everyone’s definition of safety may differ, Croatia is without a doubt one of the safest countries in Europe and the world. 

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