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Introducing Giant Fritule

Giant fritule (Photo: Time Zagreb)

After sarma in a bread roll, another twist to a local favourite will be on offer at the Zagreb Christmas markets – giant fritule.

Fritule, or little Croatian doughnuts, are a popular sweet in Croatia, especially over the festive Christmas period.

They are found up and down the country at Christmas stalls, and at the Zagreb Christmas markets this year some rather unique fritule will be on offer – giant 140 gram fritule.

Robert Hromalic from Time sweet shop in Zagreb will present his creations at Fuliranje on Strossmayer square when Advent opens tonight.

Using a classic fritule recipe, Hromalic has filled them with apples and hot vanilla cream. The giant fritule cost 25 kuna.

(Photo: Time Zagreb)

“At Christmas festivals, fritule are always among the most popular sweets, and apple pies are one of the most common recipes prepared in Zagreb homes. I was thinking of linking these two desserts into one and it gave birth to this idea. The result is a big 140 gram fritule”, Robert Hromalic revealed to Punk Kufer.

(Photo: Time Zagreb)

Fuliranje opens on Thursday 30 November and will be open until 1 January 2018.

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