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Internet Banking on the Up in Croatia

CroatiaMore people are using the internet to do their banking now in Croatia, but only slightly, according to a to a survey by TNS for Erste Group…

According to the data, 17% of the population now use internet banking, up from 13% four years ago. From the 1,200 people surveyed, 95% of them had access to the internet, owning either a laptop, smartphone, PC or tablet. Croatia’s numbers, which show that around a fifth of the population use internet banking, are well down compared with other nations in the region. Results showed that every second Austrian and Czech, and nearly every other Slovak uses internet banking services.

Despite a high rate of ownership of devices with internet access, customers in Croatia still relied heavily on personal interaction at their branches. The ratio of clients using only branches is the highest in Romania (73%), followed by Croatia (67%).

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