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International Pršut Fair to be Held this Weekend in Tinjan

(International Pršut Festival)

All roads lead to Istria for pršut lovers this weekend.

The 11th International Pršut Fair will be held again in Tinjan, Istria this weekend on 14 & 15 October 2017.

Besides pršut producers from Croatia, the Fair will host producers from Italy, Slovenia, Germany, Austria and Spain. Lovers of this exquisite delicacy will have the opportunity to taste more than thirty types of pršut.


The perfect union of pršut, cheese, and wine is well known, so producers of these products will also participate in the Fair. But there’s more – just like every year so far, a large variety of other products will be offered in the outdoor area.


ISAP brings to Tinjan a number of sports, cultural and entertainment programs. During the day, the visitors in the marquee will be entertained by Duo Provin and Duo Magnolija, while the concert of Mladen Grdović accompanied by Proleteri will take place on Saturday evening, 14 October. On the last day of the Fair, there will be a concert of The Frajle and Replay band.

At last year’s festival, the Guinness record for the biggest pršut was set – a 22.5 kg pršut from the famous pršut-producing inland Dalmatian town of Drniš. The record pršut, which was over one metre long, had to be carried in by two men to the festival as it was placed on a special custom-made holder.

Guinness Record


Homemade Istrian pršut has been considered and recognized as a symbol of perfection, the Istrian people call it vijulin, meaning violin. It has earned its royal status due to its taste, smell, colour, the right softness and freshness. Its prestigious position is owned to strict, traditional rules producers follow.

Over 30,000 people are again expected to attend the fair.

For more info visit the fair’s official website here.

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