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International Lace Festival on Pag Island in June

8th International Lace Festival (Zadar Tourist Board / TZ Pag)

The 8th International Lace Festival will take place on the northern Adriatic island of Pag next month.

This year’s festival, held from 22 – 25 June 2017, will feature traditional lace making from the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Italy, France, Russia, the UK, and of course Croatia.

Lace-making in Croatia is a tradition dating back to the Renaissance when lace making began spreading throughout the Mediterranean and continental Europe. Throughout the years, Croatian lace has become notable for its unique patterns and designs.

(Pag TZ)

In 2009 UNESCO recognised lace-making in Croatia as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Today in Croatia there are three centres of lace-making tradition: the Adriatic islands of Pag and Hvar and the northern town of Lepoglava.

It is believed that the Pag lace takes its origin from the city of Mycenae. In the town of Pag, lace-making began in the late 15th century for the church liturgical vestments. Making lace was initiated by the Benedictine convent that had a school of lace. History remembers the time when women from Pag went to the court of Maria Theresa to make lace for her.

(photo: Grad Pag)

The festival is organised by the Pag Tourist Board, Grad Pag and the Frano Budak Lace Association.

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