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Interest from all over the world for unique Croatian island job

Sestrunj (Photo: Andres Rus under CC)

8 April 2019 – A small Croatian island with a population of only around 20 people has been flooded with applications from all around the world after posting a unique job advertisement last week. 

The small 5.8 square mile island of Sestrunj, located in the Zadar archipelago between Ugljan, Rivanj and Dugi Otok, saw its only shop close down four months ago. The only place locals can now go for a drink or find something they need is at the Retirement association. 

The island authorities decided that they need to return a shop back to the island and contacted local chains to make it happen. One of the prerequisites from the chain was that the island first finds a worker who will move and live on the island. 

After posting the vacancy last week, which included guaranteed accommodation, applications have been coming in, not just from Croatia, but from all over the world, including Germany, Canada, America, and Ireland, RTL reports. 

“Most in Croatia have come from Slavonia, and there have been applications by mail from America, Germany, Canada, and even one person from Ireland called and who wanted to return,” Nenad Šužberić, president of the Sestrunj council said, adding that over 40 applications have come in so far. 

“They have had enough of the busy city, they probably want some peace on an island,” local Berislav Fatović guesses. 

(Photo: Otok Sestrunj/Facebook)

An apartment owned by the Sestrunj council is ready for the winning candidate or candidates. RTL says it will be practical if a married couple applies for the job because the island also needs a communal worker.

“It is nice to live here because it is quiet and different than the way of life in Zadar in the city, but we miss our shop,” Zdravka Dilber said. 

The opening of the shop again will make life a lot easier for locals on the island. 

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