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Instant Soups, Frankfurters, Fizzy Drinks Off School Menu

Deserts containing a large amount of sugar and fat, fizzy and non-fizzy sugary drinks, margarine, meat pate, frankfurters, instant soups and concentrates with large quantities of salt and additives in them are on the list of items which may soon be banned in Croatian primary schools.

That is the list which the Ministry of Health suggested in its Nutrition Standards for primary school kids, writes daily Novi list.

The food items are what the Ministry says should be only on the menu twice a month or not on the menu at all. The Ministry also advised what the primary schools should have on the menu. For breakfast – dairy products, grains and cereals, bread and spreads, and fruit and vegetables. For lunch – cooked vegetables, vegetable stews, potatoes, beans, meat, fish, salads and fruit. Yoghurts, fruits and juices without added sugar should replace the current sugary desserts.

“The aim of the Ministry of Health is to improve diets in schools and to improve and develop proper eating habits for children and young people’, explained the Ministry as the reasons for the adapting the guidelines which prescribe recommended foods, optimal intake energy and nutrients.

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