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Info on euro changeover in Croatia 

Minting of Croatian euro coins starts

(Photo: HNB)

ZAGREB, 30 Dec (Hina) – The Croatian Finance Ministry on Thursday published the most important information about the process of euro changeover as of 1 January 2023, saying on its website that in the first two weeks of 2023 all 4,000 automated teller machines will be adjusted to issue euro banknotes.

On 1 January 2023, Croatia enters the euro area as its 20th member, and the euro becomes the sole legal tender in the country.

More information about switching to the euro can be found at www.euro.hr, and a mobile conversion application is available at https://euro.hr/eurohr-aplikacija-za-preracunavanje-kuna-u-eure/.

The ministry said that the official and fixed exchange rate is HRK 7.53450 for €1.

The dual circulation of kuna and euro lasts two weeks, until 15 January.

The map of active ATMs is available on the Croatian Banking Association’s website at https://bankomati.hub.hr/.

No-fee cash withdrawal at ATMs other than those of one’s own bank is possible in the transitional period until 15 January.

Banks, postal offices, FINA outlets to enable exchange of kuna cash for euro in 2023

Banks, the Financial Agency (FINA) and the Croatian Post (HP) offices will make it possible for clients to exchange kuna cash for euro at the fixed exchange rate. The exchange limit is 100 banknotes and 100 coins per transaction without a fee throughout 2023.

The Croatian National Bank (HNB) will enable the exchange of the kuna even after that. There is no time limit for the exchange of kuna banknotes at the HNB, while kuna coins can be exchanged for the euro until the end of 2025.

The dual display of prices, which started in early September 2022, will last until the end of 2023.

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