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Imotski region going through tourism boom 

Red Lake in Imotski (Photo: Imotski Tourist Board)

4 January 2019 – Neglected for a long time by tourists, the Imotski region, located in the Dalmatian Hinterland on the northern side of Biokovo, has experienced a boom in tourism in recent years with new records sets in 2019.

There were 12,312 arrivals and 96,055 overnight stays recorded in 2019, this is 24% more arrivals and 30% more overnight stays than the record year of 2018, Grad Imotski reported on Friday. 

When it comes to origins of tourists to Imotski last year, the most arrived from Germany who made more than 35 thousand overnights last year, followed by Poles (10,354) and tourists from the United Kingdom (8,878), France (5,517), the Netherlands (4,492), and Sweden (3,247).

Imotski was the most popular destination in the region with almost 30,000 overnight stays, an increase of 30% over the previous year.

However, the municipality of Runovici recorded the highest percentage increase in the number of overnight stays, up to 125 percent, but in absolute numbers it was slightly less than three thousand overnight stays.

Other Imotski municipalities which achieved an increase in tourism last year included Podbablje (19 thousand overnights, two percent increase), Prolozac (12 thousand overnights, 66 percent increase), Zagvozd (11,300 overnights, 10 percent increase), Zmijavci (10,500 overnights, increase by 49 percent), Cista Provo (6 thousand overnights, an increase of 68 percent), Lovrec (3 thousand nights, an increase of 71 percent), and Lokvicici (1,300 nights and a 40 percent increase).

With its many natural beauties, close proximity to the sea and its tourist destinations, the Imotski region offers its guests peace and relaxation.  Some popular attractions include the Blue and Red Lakes, Gospin Dolac’s famous home ground, Topana fortress and more.

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