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“I Do” Boom On Croatian Coast

2012 was a record tourist year for Croatia, with millions of overseas travellers flocking to holiday on its spectacular coast and islands. Not everybody however, was there to just lie on the beaches.

The number of foreigners to tie the knot in Croatia is on the rise. “Great climate, amazing nature, sea, mountains, beaches, the Mediterranean feel, old ancient history and just that special relaxed atmosphere that surrounds every place in coastal Croatia,” are the main factors why more and more couples are choosing Croatia as the place to say “I do,” say Croatian wedding planners, Dalmatia Events.

The Wedding team at Dalmatia Events, masters at taking the stress out of the big day for couples getting hitched in Croatia and making it a special and unforgettable day, say that couples from all corners of the world have begun making enquiries about Croatia as a wedding venue.

“We receive inquiries from all over the world, Europe is the leading continent and the UK most probably the leading country,” they told Croatia Week, adding that island and seaside weddings are becoming increasingly popular.

Some foreign couples interested in getting married in Croatia also want a ‘local’ touch to their big day, and Dalmatia Events are experts at making it happen.

“Couples usually want to combine their personal interests and family or national traditions with the local Croatian experience (music, food, decor) and the amazing surroundings of the sea, mountains, beaches and old towns, so we get some kind of fusion of both. Couples want their wedding day to be very special, original and unique and that is why we work with each couple individually and create one of a kind weddings, based on their wishes, requests and of course dreams.”

To find out more about getting married in Croatia you can visit: http://weddings-croatia.com/index.html


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