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Humans of Zagreb Airport

Humans of Zagreb Airport

The new Franjo Tuđman Airport in the Croatian capital Zagreb has been busy since opening in March of 2017.

The airport handled around 3.1 million people in 2017 with each passenger having their own little story.

To get to know a few of them the airport has launched ‘Humans of Airport’ series.

Love Croatian fashion & design…

“I absolutely adore fashion and Croatian design. I’ve been following the fashion scene and buying those creations for years, and I’m really glad that my love and passion have turned into a job I love, a job that gives me an opportunity to work with authentic Croatian products!”

Working at the airport…

I love my job because I enjoy working with people. I have the opportunity to meet people from all parts of the world, different cultures and languages. I also love the dynamics and movement at the airport, you can never be bored!

Working at the airport part 2…

(Photo credit: Robert Klaric Photography)

“We spend more time with our colleagues at our workplace than with our children nowadays, but we have to try to get the best out of it. I love making my coworkers laugh so that they can forget about their worries since life is too short and health is the most important thing.”

Off to Barcelona for work…

“Although there’s a busy week ahead of me in Barcelona, I’m really happy that my job gives me a lot of opportunities to explore new places and meet new people!”

Airports & pics…

I like taking photos at airports because of great lighting conditions due to large glass surfaces, and also people from all parts of the world gathered in one place. There are great shots all around you. However, leaving Zagreb involves separating from my family and that makes me unhappy. So, I always carry something that helps me to distract thoughts, and one of these things is the camera.

You can follow more news from the airport on their Facebook page.



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