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How to Get from Split to Dubrovnik

Split (L) & Dubrovnik (R)

If you are in city of Split and want to make the journey further down the coast to check out Dubrovnik (or vice versa) then a number of options exist.

By Car

The distance between the two beautiful Croatian cities is around 220 km and takes about 3 hours if you take the motorway as far as or from Ploče, but if you take the coastal route and take a turn at Baška voda through the picturesque Omiš, it should take about an hour, hour and a half longer.

Private Transfers

If you’d like sit back, relax and enjoy the stunning Dalmatian coastline while being chauffeur driven from Split to Dubrovnik, then a private transfer is for you. With a private transfer, it’s a no stress affair where your driver will pick you up from your accommodation, help with those pesky bags, and take you on a comfortable journey in a modern car, which even has WiFi. The drivers are professional, speak English and the best part is they are actual quite affordable, especially when you have 5-8 passengers.

Private transfers start at 199€. For more information talk to our preferred Split to Dubrovnik partner, Octopus Transfers.

By Bus

The travel time is around 4, and sometimes to 6 hours, depending on the route and the traffic. The price is between 13 and 20 euro and buses run daily and often (Dubrovnik buses, Bus route).

These routes pass through Bosnia and Herzegovina in Neum which is used as a comfort break.

(image: Croatia Bus)

By Catamaran

One other option is travelling by a boat and seeing all the beautiful sights from the seaside. This option includes stopping at Milna on Brač, Hvar, Korčula and Mljet before arriving to Dubrovnik, or the other way around, and it costs around 25 euro.

It lasts around 4 hours but at the time the Catamaran, Kapetan Luka, has departure time early in the morning or in the afternoon. Off- season it is only available 3-4 times in a week, and the tickets are available online(SAILING SCHEDULE).

By Plane

There are flights from Split to Dubrovnik and the flight time is 40 minutes. The prices vary and can be found from around 45 euro in one direction. (FLIGHTS) There are also transfer buses between the airport and the main bus station in the city.

There could also be the possibility of taking a sea plane. ECA have announced that they will resume operations in the Summer of 2017. Please check the website here for details.

Croatia Airlines plane (photo: Creative Commons)

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