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How to Access New TV Channel for Croatians Abroad

(Photo: Croatian TV-America)

On the first day of 2018, state-owned broadcaster Croatian Radio and Television (HRT) launched a dedicated TV channel for Croatians living around the world.

HRT launched HRT – HTV 5 on 1 January 2018 for Croatians living abroad in Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand, with the channel broadcasting specialised content intended for Croatian emigrants and the international public.

The channel also broadcasts a selection of the content from the other four HRT channels (HRT 1, 2, 3, 4) as well as a selection of archival material from HRT.

Among content intended for Croatians outside of the Republic of Croatia and the international public is news in English, German and Spanish, and the documentary series’ Discover Croatia’ and ‘Croatia, My Choice’, portraying the destiny of expat Croatians, returnees and foreigners in Croatia.

HRT news in English team which started earlier this year (Photo credit: Dražen Patljar)

There will also be documentary content that follows the historical links between the Republic of Croatia and the rest of the world, as well as the value of Croatian cultural heritage.

So how is it accessed?

Via Satelite in Europe

To watch HRT – HTV 5 in Europe, you need a satellite receiver and an antenna. Satisfactory satellite parameters for Europe are as follows:

– Eutelsat HOT BIRD 13C (orbital position 13 degrees east)
– frequency – 11 642 MHz
– Polarization H (horizontal)
– Transponder 157
– FEC ¾
– Symbol rate 27 500k Baud
– Standard Satelite Broadcast DVB-S2
– Modulation of 8PSK
– MPEG-4 encoding type
– Free to air

In North America, Australia & New Zealand

To watch HRT – HTV 5 via satellites in North America, Australia and in New Zealand, contact the eMedia Network http://emedianetwork.tv/

For more detailed North American viewing information click on the following link http://www.croatiantv-america.com/ and for Australia and New Zealand here – http://www.croatiantv-australia.com/

HRT – HTV 5 can be accessed on computers, mobile devices, and smart TVs – via HRTi media.

HRTi is a multimedia service intended for those who want to watch and listen to HRT programmes over the internet on their computers, smartphones, and TVs.

HRT – HTV 5 can be live streamed on HRT’s service HRTi media or up to 72 hours back retrospectively on PCs, mobile devices, and smart TVs.

More details about HRTi HERE.

(Source: Glas Hrvatske)


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