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How Much Do Croatian Motorway Toll Booths Earn?

CroatiaToll booth operators on Croatia’s motorways were kept busy over the weekend when a season record was recorded…

From 1 – 3 August there were 618,857 vehicles passing through toll booths at various points on motorways under control of Croatian Motorways (HAC). So how much revenue was generated from the weekend activity on the roads? A cool 31.7 million kuna (4 million euros) excluding VAT, reported HAC.

During the same weekend last year, there were 28,056, or 4.7%, fewer cars travelling through toll booths than there were this year. At the same time on part of the Rijeka-Zagreb motorway which is under concession, there were 290,503 vehicles travelling, up 1.5% from the same period last year. The Croatian government is set to lease out all of its motorways.

“The goal is to use the monetization only for reducing the public debt. The budget deficit won’t be such a problem in the future, but the public debt certainly will,” said Finance Minister Boris Lalovac, adding that talks regarding offers are already underway.

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