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Hotel Soaps to Get Second Life in Croatia

soapsCroatia is to do something about all the hotel soaps that are used once, or just a handful of times, and then get thrown away…

Tonnes and tonnes of soaps from hotel rooms in Croatia are thrown away every year. In Split alone, over 5 and a half tonnes of soaps are thrown away annually. That will soon be a thing of the past however, as Split is set to become the first place in Europe with a recycling soap factory.

The factory, which will employ people with disabilities, is expected to be built within the next 14 months. The used soaps will be sterilised and reproduced into fresh bars.

“At the start there will be 8 people employed. We hope that these products will successfully be branded and go onto the market. We hope that the brand becomes recognizable and that these plants will be able to generate income for the education of disabled persons and create more jobs for them,” Mihaela Jovic Karašin, from ‘Visoki jablani’ – the Association for Rehabilitation and Education, told HRT.

Millions of used bars of soap from hotels around the world are sent to landfills every day, and this project in Croatia is a great opportunity to help keep the world clean and also is an employment opportunity for the disabled in the country.

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