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Hostels Keep Growing in Croatia – ‘Star’ System Proposed

HostelThe hostel boom Croatia started to experience in 2012 has shown no signs of slowing down, with impressive growth recorded again this year in 2013.

The capital Zagreb led the way jumping from 19 to 29 hostels in 2013, but Hostel operators do not see the new hostels opening up in the city as competition, and say that there is room for more hostels as bed capacity in Zagreb is still relatively low.

“In all of Zagreb, you can find only 1500 beds, which is the capacity of just two large hostels in London, said Matea Pokrovac and Dalibor Mackic from Brit hostel in Zagreb.

Officially there are now 81 hostels in Croatia with hostel operators pushing the government for a ‘category’ system similar to what hotels have. At this stage the Croatian Ministry have no immediate plans to entertain the proposed ‘star’ system for the countries hostels. Of the 29 hostels which exists in Zagreb, 16 are located within walking distance of the city’s main square. The average price is 18 euros per night in the centre, and 15 euros per night on the fringes of the city.

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