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Hopes for Diocletian’s Palace in Split to Become Official LEGO Product

Diocletian’s Palace (image: LEGO ideas)

“Let the world hear about Split,” says the creator of a LEGO version of Split’s Diocletian’s Palace Ilija Šundov.

Šundov last year submitted his Diocletian’s Palace to LEGO ideas, which allows users to submit ideas for LEGO products to be turned into potential sets available commercially if the idea gets 10,000 votes of support on the website.

LEGO gives those who submit ideas one year to collect 1,000 votes of support, which Šundov’s Diocletian’s Palace met. He now needs to crack the 10,000 mark in the next 239 days to have his project go up for review to be made a LEGO product and join the likes of the Empire State Building and the Eiffel Tower.

If the product, which has close to 1,800 votes, goes commercial Šundov as the design would receive 1% of the royalties.

The digital version of his idea can be viewed and voted on online here.

Meanwhile Šundov has made a real version which will be on display at City Centre one in Split from 24 February to 5 March.

Šundov told Slobodna Dalmacija that his model does not include the St. Duje cathedral due to the fact that the palace over the years has undergone major architectural changes and lost its original shape.

Old shot of Diocletian’s Palace

Diocletian’s palace is one of the world’s most preserved Roman style monuments in the world. It is a large rectangular fortress with two main streets (Cardo and Decumanus) dividing it on the four parts.

Southern parts were used by the emperor Diocletian and the north part was for the military purposes. The palace has 3 coastal gates (north, east and west) guarded by the sentry towers and one sea gate (south) designed for emperors ship. This is authentic state of the palace from 305. AD.

During the years, the population of the palace grew and many new buildings were built inside and outside the palace.

Today, the Diocletian’s palace is a center of the city of Split, Croatia and one of the world’s top touristic destinations in the world. Big part of the original architecture, outer walls, gates and the streets are still preserved and you can have your own Lego model of this unique piece of world architecture – reads the description on the LEGO ideas website.

Diocletian’s Palace today (photo credit: Yuya Matsuo)

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