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Help For Summer Apartment Renters In Croatia

After days of conducting research on the ground, and over 1000 hours of interviews, Croatian entrepeneur Davor Juranic has created a manual for those renting our private accommodation in Croatia during the tourist season. Juranic wants to help those in the game maximise their profits and extend their season.

Traži se krevet više, is a guide giving tips to private property owners who either want to or are renting accommodation out during the busy summer season. Author Juranic says that currently, believe it or not, 90% of those in the game literally refuse tourists and make cardinal mistakes, even those with their own websites.

Juranic, who for 17 years was editor of paper Info Oglasnik and spent 9 years editing portal Info Adriatic, reveals the recipe for success in the130-page manual. Tips such as letting technology work for you while you are doing something else, like on holiday or sleeping, making your accommodation offer resistant to weather, the Olympics, political turmoil or a crisis, and extending guests stays, are all in the book.

Each chapter in the book is accompanied by concrete practical examples and it also looks at how and where to invest in marketing and having a long-term approach to tourists. Juranic makes it quiet clear that any landlord not happy with the book can get their money back, no questions asked.

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