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Heatwave Arrives in Croatia

Croatia set to bake as the heatwave arrives

Croatia is set to bake under a spell of very hot weather over the next few days.

After hitting western and northern Europe recently, the heatwave has arrived in Croatia.

“It will be sunny and hot, temperatures will hit around 35°C, and at night they will not drop below 20°C,” HRT meteorologist Zoran Vakula said, revealing how long the heatwave is set to hang around in Croatia.

“It will not be extreme heat, but it will not be average temperatures either. In Zagreb over the next 7, 8, 9 days it will be among the hottest periods, but not the hottest. It will be among the top five hottest periods since measurements begun for his time of year. But unlikely to break records,” Vakula added.

Temperatures are set to slowly rise daily on the coast all week, with morning temperatures a sign of how hot it is.

At 7 am in Split temperatures already passed 28°C, whilst in Dubrovnik, it was even hotter with temperatures recorded at 28.3°C. In Knin, it was 25.4°C, whilst on the island of Lastovo, it was 27.5°C at 7 am.

Dubrovnik’s Banje Beach (Photo: Clara Bunge)

In Slavonia and east of the country, it will also be hot with temperatures to pass 32 °C on Monday and gradually getting hotter as the week progresses.

The Croatian Meteorological and Hydrological Service have warned people to again take care in extreme temperatures by consuming plenty of fluids, keeping out of the sun during peak hours (10am-5pm), eating light foods and wearing light clothing.

The warning especially concerns small children, pregnant women, and those with heart or other related conditions.

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