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HEAT WAVE: Red Alert for Next 7 Days

heatCroatia is in for a week of intense heat, with 100-year-old temperature records set to be broken in some parts of the country…

Usually sunshine and heat is not really news during summer, but what is in store for Croatia in the next few days is worthy of some attention. Not only are July records in danger of being broken, so too are all-time records as a front from north-east Africa makes its way down to the Mediterranean. Extreme temperatures are expected to last for at least the next 7-10 days and the Met office has issued most of Croatia with a ‘red’ warning, the highest degree it issues.

With the extreme heat, expected to pass 40°C in some regions, comes a number of serious potential health dangers, especially for the nation’s elderly. Health authorities have again issued warnings for citizens this weekend, giving the standard advice of consuming plenty of fluids, keeping out of the sun during peak hours, eating light foods and wearing light clothing.

High temperatures also increase the risks of forest fires and citizens have been advised to be careful when out in the nature with cigarettes and fires. If you need to report any fires call 193 or 112.

The highest ever temperature in Croatia was in the town of Ploče where 42.8°C was recorded on 4 August 1981.

Here are the July records under threat:

Dubrovnik – 38.4°C
Hvar – 37.7°C
Knin – 41.4°C
Šibenik 38.°C
Zadar 35.8°C

(Source: Crometeo)


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