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Have Your Say: Stop Oil Drilling in Croatia’s Pristine Adriatic Sea

CroatiaThe Croatian government has recently announced an international tender for exploration and exploitation of oil and gas reserves along 15,000 kilometres of Croatia’s stunningly, pristine Adriatic sea, and the wheels are in motion for drilling to start as early as 2016. The government’s decision to allow oil and gas exploration and exploitation has angered many in the community in Croatia and abroad. Impacts to ecological resources, emissions from earth-moving equipment, and the potential disaster from spills are just a few reasons why potentially spoiling Croatia’s number one asset is absurd…

One group strongly opposed is Clean Adriatic Sea Alliance (CASA), a united group of citizens for preservation of the Adriatic Sea, and they have a message for supporters of keeping Croatia’s Adriatic exploration and exploitation free.

Dear Supporters – The Ministry of Economy is having a public comment period until Sept 29, 2014 for the Adriatic oil and gas drilling plans. Make your voice heard, on why you think there should be no exploration of oil and gas in the Croatian Adriatic Sea! Submit your polite, intelligent comment to this email: [email protected]

If you are unable to write in Croatian or English, please write in your native language. It will still make an impact. NOTE: All comments received will be made public on the Ministry of Economy website. If you do not want your contribution to be public, please indicate as such in your email message.

THANK YOU ALL! And be sure to encourage your fellow Croatian, European, and World citizens to submit a comment! Here is the link to the official Ministry of Economy’s public comment page (in Croatian): http://bit.ly/1tT2RM6
Supporters’ FB Event Page for the comment period: http://on.fb.me/1s1fdS7


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